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Registered Volunteer Program

The United States Bowling Congress implemented a landmark
Registered Volunteer Program to protect its youth members from
those who have a history of criminal behavior. This program has
had far-reaching impact on bowling centers, USBC, and thousands
of volunteers who help organize and administer youth bowling activities.

The Bowling Proprietors Association of America (BPAA) has
endorsed the program and recommends all bowling centers
participate. USBC will consult with the BPAA on an ongoing basis
on all major issues involving bowling center owners.

This program was developed following recommendations of the
National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS), an umbrella organization
of youth sports and social organizations representing an estimated
52 million kids nationally. USBC and NCYS share a common goal
of developing a consistent national program that will discourage
sexual predators from migrating from one sport to another and to
eliminate the need for duplicate screening for volunteers who help
with more than one sport or organization.

While the main goal is to protect today’s youth, the possibility of a
damaging lawsuit if children are harmed or molested by bowling center
employees or USBC volunteers is a real threat. We can minimize or
eliminate that threat if we take reasonable steps to remove
those people from our youth programs and establish barriers that
discourage sexual predators from entering our sport.

The success of the USBC Registered Volunteer Program continues
to require a high level of cooperation between USBC’s volunteers
and the bowling centers they serve. USBC urges urge all bowling
centers to participate in the program because it will provide a
valuable service to bowling and help protect our youth.